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Folks on Spokes

Bicycle Touring Club

Offering moderately paced group rides

Every ride is the next adventure!

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About Us

Our Rides at a Glance

  • We are a non-profit bicycle touring club located in Jackson Township, Stark County, Ohio. We are dedicated to providing group riding at a moderate, comfortable pace of 10 - 12 mph.

  • No rider will ever be left behind to ride alone!

  • We will help and encourage new and beginning riders develop their riding skills.

  • Our goal is to have FUN while bicycling! 

  • Non-members are always welcome on our rides.

  • Tuesday Evenings: We have a "Dinner Ride" of 12 - 16 miles and then go out to eat after the ride.

  • Wednesday Mornings: We often have unscheduled road rides, with an email invitation sent out to members.

  • Saturday Mornings: We have a longer ride of 30 to 60 miles with a lunch stop on the way. Many of these rides have a second pick-up point for those who only like to ride 20 - 30 miles.              

  • We may offer an unscheduled road or trail ride any day of the week, with an email invitation sent out to members.

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