Winter 2014-15 Ride Schedule


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Winter 2014-15 Ride Schedule


   The following Ride Schedule will be in effect for the months of December, January and February. Generally, if the weather is good enough to ride (i.e. the temperature is above 45º and it is not raining) the ride will be held.  If you have any question about if a ride will be held, call our Road Captain Jerry LaRocca at 330-832-5963 or 330-705-1954 to see if the ride is on or not.  If we know in advance that the weather will be good for riding , we will send out an e-mail to all club members with ride information---in these cases we may not always start at the below listed locations and times.


Saturdays, 11am, 20-35 miles---Meet and Ride---Meet at the Sauder Elementary School located at 7503 Mudbrook St., NW in Jackson Township.  (Directions:  Mudbrook Street is the traffic light on Wales Road (SR 241) at the Swensons Drive-In Restaurant.  The Sauder School is just west of the Jackson Middle School.)  Those who show up will determine the route and distance.


Sundays,  2pm, 12-20 miles---Meet and Ride---Meet at the Amherst Elementary School located at 8750 Jane Street, NW in Jackson Township.  (Directions: Jane Street is located one block south of Traphagen Road off of Amherst Road in Massillon.)  Those who show up will determine the route and distance.